The Dø 858masl.

The Dønna-man is widely known from the tales of the Helgeland mountains, where he was supposed to babysit The Seven Sisters and Lekamøya. As the terrible babysitter he was he fell asleep and is still sleeping to this day on his back with his hands on his chest and the face towards the skies.

The famous mountain is a popular attraction for those who wants a challenge in the mountain. Many compare The Dønna-man to The Seven Sisters due to the challenging parts of the mountain hike, but which is to prefer varies from one to another.

The mountain lies in the southern part of the municipality Dønna outside Sandnessjøen in the Coast of Helgeland. There are two ways to get to the mountain. One is to take the ferry from Sandnessjøen over to Dønna (Bjørn) before a 20-minute drive takes you to the beautiful and local beach, Breivika, on the west side of Dønna. The other way is to drive 20 minutes to Søvik and onboard the ferry from Søvik to the archipelago Herøy, from Herøy Ferrystop you drive 15 minutes before you arrive the beginning of the path to Hagen and the climb up the Dønna-man.
Both paths are marked well, and merge together at Hagen. You should be careful to walk this mountain, especially if it is raining. As always you walk on your own risk, but you should be warned about the slippery and lose rocks on steep parts of this hike. This is not a mountain for beginners.

8820 Dønna

Telefon: 75 01 80 00

Handelsstedet Forvik

An old trading post from the 1700s made into a coffee roasting factory, which also houses a restaurant and accommodation. In addition to whole or ground beans to make the perfect cup of coffee, you can buy tea, chocolate and other sweets.

We are committed to sustainable production – that’s why we buy most of our beans from coffee growers certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Environmentally-friendly farming, and fair economic conditions for the coffee growers and coffee growers, are really important to us.
The coffee roaster is open all year.
If you do not have the opportunity to come to Forvik, keep in mind that all our coffee can be ordered from our online store.

Forvikveien 169
8976 Vevelstad

Telefon: 98484000

Svartisen - Engenbreen

Svartisen can also be seen from the coast. The Engenbreen glacier tongue is situated along the Coastal Road (Fv17) in Meløy municipality and can be seen from the road.

There is also a a shuttle boat across the Holandsfjord, followed by a 3km walk up to the glacier itself. Near Engabreen there is a cafe, accommodation, bike rentals and professional guided glacier tours

Bøteriet Restaurant on Dønna

Dining and accommodation in a rebuilt wharf at Dønna.

The resort is idyllically located at Val near Åkerøy on Dønna. That’s a 20-minute drive from the Bjørn ferry quay, after the 25-minute ferry ride from Sandnessjøen. Bøteriet is quite and experience! The food is delicious and the building really has a sense of history.

8820 Dønna

Telefon: 911 39 966

Laksforsen Turistcafe

See the raging waters of perhaps the most beautiful waterfall in Europe

Laksforsen Turistcafe (Restaurant) offers traditional homemade Norwegian dishes and a stunning view!

N-8680 Trofors

Telefon: 75 18 21 82

Yttervik camping

Mo i Rana's fjord camping, Yttervik camping, is a true pearl down by the Rana fjord. A nice and newly renovated campsite for all ages.

Yttervik camping is located 16 km south of the Arctic circle city Mo i Rana, and 200 meters from the E6. The place is nicely situated by the fjord, and is an excellent starting point for excursions to the Svartisen glacier, and interesting places like Grønligrotta and Setergrotta caves, the marble castle and the coast of Helgeland.

The campsite, which is situated by the fjord, has both cabins and apartments, as well as places to park a caravan or a tent. Yttervik camping has furthermore great fascilities for people of all ages: a playground, mini golf course, billiard table, volleyball court and a trampoline, and you also have a possibility to fish - either from land or from a boat.

This camping also has free Wi-Fi.

Sørlandsveien 874
8617 Dalsgrenda

Telefon: 75 16 45 65

Oscarbrygga - Cabins

At the far end of the northern Norwegian Atlantic coast, just by the arctic circle, you will find Oscarbrygga. Surrounded by fantastic mountain formations and great fishing spots, with the nautic fairway just outside, the place is perfectly suited to combining some peace and quiet with nice experiences of fishing and nature.

Just beside the facility lies an old fishing wharf that has been turned into a restaurant. Right beside it is a dock with much traffic from passenger boats and small cargo ships. There are two fisherman's cabins and one Nordland house with two apartments (built in 1995) for hire. In 1999, a building containing 4 double rooms with bathrooms was added. In the spring of 2001, a large cabin with 3 bedrooms, large lounge / meeting room and kitchen was ready to use. Alltogether, the facility has 30 beds and its own old-fashioned shop where you can buy groceries, peetrol, fishing equipment etc.

8750 Tonnes

Telefon: 75 09 11 99

Helgeland Museum department Grane

Laksforsen nature- and culture gallery tells the story of the river Vefsna, about the use and recreation at onre of Norway's most amazing waterfalls.

You can find the gallery in Laksforsen tourist cafe, which has got panoramic views of the falls. You should stop over at Trofors in Grane and visit Grane rural museum which has a rich collection of historical buildings.

8680 Trofors

Telefon: 911 79 802

Vassenget Park Lodgings

Vassenget is situated in Velfjord, South of Helgeland in Nordland County. App. 3 km. from Nevernes Havn and 6 km. from the village Hommelstø.

Vassenget Lodgings is situated in peaceful, idyllic and rural surroundings, with accommodations right next to the lake "Storvatnet". Here you have the opportunity to rent a boat or have a nice barbeque evening by the water's edge. At Vassenget you can experience the nature, peace and quiet.

Vassenget Lodgings have 2 houses and 4 cabins with a total of 28 beds. The big cabin Rana is handy for people in wheelchairs.


Telefon: 75 02 19 10

Rica Restaurant Syv Søstre

The restaurant at Scandic Hotel Syv Søstre, situated in the heart of Sandnessjøen, features dishes based on local ingredients and offers a spectacular view of the Helgeland coast.

The relaxed ambience, the sense of local culture and the restaurant’s culinary pride make for a memorable dining experience.

Torolv Kveldulvsonsgate 16
8800 Sandnessjøen

Telefon: 75 06 50 00

Storli Camping

Located right next to the E6 about 20 km north of Mo i Rana.

This camping offers cabins of plain standard as well as a possibility to stay in a caravan or tent. The camping is situated in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, and has fishing rights in the Rana river. Storli Camping is also close to the Arctic Circle Raceway, and near the Arctic Circle.

8630 Storforshei

Telefon: 90618921 / 99372128

Brønnøy Church

This cruciform Neo-Gothic church was built in 1870.

The church incorporates a choir wall and entrance that date back to the Middle Ages.
Located in Brønnøysund town centre.

8900 Brønnøysund

Telefon: 75 00 95 50

Sømna Church

This large wooden church, built in 1876, has a beautiful altarpiece made by an artis from Ylvingen.

The church is situated in Vik village centre.

8920 Sømna

Telefon: 75015242

Bønå Wilderness Centre

Bønå Wilderness Centre is set in a wild and almost unspoiled natural landscape, far into the Vistenfjord in central Norway.

There is excellent fishing in the fjord, but salmon and trout can also be found in the rivers and lakes. The accommodation includes turf huts, lavvo tents, cabins or a recently renovated house.

8870 Visthus

Telefon: 75037620

Vega Camping

Floaveien 20
8980 Vega

Telefon: 943 500 80

Stekvasselv Fjellgård - a mountain farm

Welcome to Stekvasselv! This mountain farm is situated by Nord-Røssvatnet lake, with the scenic Okstindan range and Okstindbreen glacier in the background. It is located in Hemnes municipality in Helgeland, which is roughly the geographical centre of Norway. The entire area is magnificent, with varied terrain that offers a wealth of easy as well as challenging hiking trails. The area is also known for excellent fishing and hunting.

At Stekvasselv, two holiday houses are available for rent, as well as rooms in the main house. The newest house, built in 1985, has four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, refrigerator, laundry room, two bathrooms and a sauna. The house is fully equipped with everything needed for self-catering.

The older house "Gammelstua" has seven beds in two rooms. The house is renovated with a new kitchen, walk-in cooler, laundry room, two bathrooms, and a sauna. The houses are fully equipped with everything you need for self-catering.

Stekvasselv also offers boat and canoe rental, and food service on request.

Your hosts
Kari and Håkon Økland have been running Stekvasselv Farm since they purchased it in 1985. Up until a decade ago, they had an active dairy production.

They wish to let visitors enjoy the wilderness adventures that they themselves treasure. The magnificent wilderness near Nord-Røssvatnet beckons!

There are many beaches around Røssvatnet where it is possible to take a boat out or even go swimming. Boats and canoes can be rented at Stekvasselv gård. Fishing licences can be bought at Statsskog. The area around Røssvatnet is also perfect for hiking during the summer as well as the winter. The area is also popular in the autumn for berry picking and hunting.

8647 Bleikvasslia

The regional airports of Mo i Rana and Mosjøen have several daily departures to Bodø and Trondheim. The closest station on the Nordlandsbanen railway is Bjerka. On weekdays during the school year, there is a bus service to Nord-Røssvatnet from Mo i Rana. The hosts can arrange to pick you up in Korgen or Bjerka. If you are driving highway E6 from farther north, then in Korgen take a turn towards Bleikvassli, and then head for Røssvatnet. If you are arriving by car from the south, we recommend you to take the scenic Wilderness Road (Villmarksveien). Take the turn towards Fiplingdal and Hattfjelldal, just north of Majavatn. Then continue along the western shore of Røssvatnet lake to Bleikvassli. For intrepid hikers arriving on foot, whether from north or south, it is easiest to follow Nordlandsruta. Coming over from Sweden, you can cross the border via Hemavan or Rönes and walk through the valley of Tängvassdalen, a five-hour hike.

Telefon: 916 70 540

Tosbotn Camping

Accommodation in cabins of various sizes

Tosbotn Camping offers accommodation in comfortable cabins with one, two or three bedrooms. There are also bays for camper vans, motor homes and tents. Wireless internet is available for guests staying on the campsite.

8960 Velfjord

Telefon: 75026150

Bike hire Ørnes

In cooperation with Helgeland Reiseliv, Ørnes Hotel now offers bike rental. Helmets, pumps, puncture repair kits and locks are all provided with the bikes.

Postboks 173 - Havneveien 12
8151 Ørnes

Telefon: +4775754599

Helgeland Museum Sømna

Helgeland Museum Sømna comprises 12 carefully restored buildings.

The rural museum, beautifully situated by the church in Vik, focuses on food traditions and agricultural history and has a large collection of old utensils and farming equipment. In one of the buildings, visitors may buy bread and baked goods made in the old-fashioned stone oven. There is also a cafe and a Tourist Information Office in the museum.

8920 Sømna

Telefon: 46922991

Helgeland Museum Velfjord - A Rural Museum

This museum, which opened in 1953, comprises a collection of old buildnings from Velfjord, and exhibits of numerous Sami objects.

The museum is beautifully situated at Strøm, 4 km east of Hommelstø. Guided tours are avaialble.

Gamle Samvirkelaget
8960 Velfjord

Telefon: 75110174

Nevernes Harbour

This is a multi-purpose centre for the coastal culture of southern Helgeland.

Permanent exhibition of objects and photographs, wxhibition on World War II, special summer exhibition, theme days, etc. Information on Lomsdal-Visten National Park is available here.

8960 Velfjord

Telefon: 99 57 53 12

Torghatten - The legendary mountain

The internationally renowned mountain Torghatten is pierced all the way through - the hole has to be seen to be believed!

You might feel very small, indeed, as you walk through the 160-metre long, 15-20 metre wide and 35-metre tall tunnel, naturally formed by powerful natural forces. A 30-minute walk along a well-marked path takes you up there. Situated 15 km from Brønnøysund.

8909 Brønnøysund

Helgeland Museum Vega

The world’s only Eider Duck Museum (E-huset).

The Museum is situated in a wharfsie building at Nes, and documents the islanders’ unique tradition and their role as guardians of the migratory birds that nest on Vega. The museum sells local handicrafts, books and souvenirs.

8980 Vega

Telefon: 75 11 01 94

Helgeland Museum Vevelstad - A Folk Museum

The folk museum at Vevelstad comprises ten buildings and an extensive collection of utilitarian objects from the district.

Children will enjoy playing in the museum`s miniature barn.
Guided tours by appointment with Helgeland Museum Vevelstad.

8976 Vevelstad

Telefon: 950 64 695

Helgeland Museum department Vefsn (Mosjøen)

Discover historical exhibitions on the Museum's own wharf, Jakobsenbrygga.

In Jakobsenbrygga in Sjøgata you can see the city's history collected all under one roof. the museum also has various other exhibits throughout the year. They also have a museum shop where you will find various literature handicrafts.

Sjøgata 31B
8656 Mosjøen

Telefon: 75 11 01 21

Lånan and Lille Lånan

While in the Vega archipelago, we recommend you visit Lille Lånan, an exhibition created by the eider-duck guardians of Lånan, the largest of Vega’s manmade nesting sites. Every year the islanders protect the migrating eider ducks, and gather valuable down after the nesting season.

The exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the work of the islanders who come to Lånan every April, and are busy working as bird guardians until August. You will learn much about the islanders’ history and traditions, and about what life was like in the past.

The exhibition Lille Lånan, situated at Nes, is open 10:30am–5pm daily throughout the summer. Free admission. Books, eider-down products and other items are offered for sale.

Experience Lånan – an eider duck nesting colony
Lånan is the largest of the manmade eider duck nesting sites in the Vega archipelago. Here, an ancient tradition is still honoured. During the summer, you have a unique opportunity to visit the realm of the eider ducks, experience first-hand the work of the bird guardians, and learn the story of their tradition.

The bird guardians
Every April, the bird guardians travel to Lånan to prepare nests for the eider ducks. Throughout May and June, Lånan hosts around 700 birds, and the bird guardians protect them from danger during the nesting season. In return, the birds return to Lånan year after year, giving the guardians the highly-prized eider down, and eggs.

Eider down
Once the eider ducks with fledglings have left the nests, the bird guardians harvest the down. It is then carefully cleaned by hand. This amazing down is used for exclusive eiderdown comforters and mittens.

Boat trips from Vega to Lånan
During the summer, Visit Vega offer boat trips to Lånan twice a week, departing from Nes at 2:30pm on every Tuesday and Friday. At Lånan you will be greeted by the bird guardians, who will take you on a guided tour of this realm of the eider duck. Afterwards, food and coffee are waiting in the barn, where there is a museum and a photo exhibition. Duration: 4 hours.
For booking, and detailed information on dates and prices, please visit:

Experience the eider ducks during their nesting season
Between 1 June and 1 July, when 500–1000 eider ducks are nesting on Lånan, they are protected and visits to the island are only allowed in the company of a bird guardian. Such an eider duck safari with one of the guardians includes a guided tour of Lånan, and a unique opportunity to get close to the birds without disturbing them. The trip can be rounded off with coffee and traditional lefse in the home of the bird guardian. Duration: 2 hours.

The Lånan Safari
By the 1st of July, most of the nesting eider ducks and a new generation of fledglings have migrated from Lånan, and people can once again move freely on the island. It is high season for visits, and Visit Vega offers two boat trips per week. You may also visit on your own and receive a guided tour of the island, and hear more about Lånan’s history and the work of bird guardians. Included is a visit to the exhibition in the barn. You may also request to have coffee and lefse at home with one of the bird guardians. Period: 1 July – 1 August. For booking, please contact or call tel. +47 452 72 654.

8980 Vega


Thon Hotel Brønnøysund

Thon Hotel Brønnøysund is a full-service hotel with 92 new rooms. Our restaurant, Schrøder Stue, serves the award-winning Thon breakfast buffet, and offers à la carte dining in the evening.

The hotel is situated in the heart of idyllic Brønnøysund, just 200 m from the bus station and the quay of the Hurtigruten steamers. The hotel has a large guest parking lot. Brønnøysund Airport is just 2 km away.

Sømnavegen 98
8900 Brønnøysund

As you enter Brønnøysund on highway Rv76, the hotel is on your right.

Telefon: 75 00 89 00

Hildurs Urterarium - Restaurant Sagastua

Don`t miss the only food, wine and herb farm in northern Norway!

Enjoy a walk in the garden, and the a meal in the summer cafe. Hildurs Urterarium is a proud member of Arctic Menu. Private parties in Sagastua by reservation.

Situated 6 km outside Brønnøysund.

8908 Brønnøysund

Telefon: 75025212

Vassås Church

A cruciformed octagonal church built in 1733

The church has been restored numerous times, most recently in 1983.
Today the church is listed by the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

7980 Bindal

Dønnes Kirke

8820 Dønna

Telefon: 75 05 56 15

Alstahaug kirke

8800 Sandnessjøen

Sandnessjøen Camping

Sandnessjøen Camping is located at Steiro, near Stokka Airport, along Coastal Highway Fv17, 10 km south of Sandnessjøen centre. The campsite is friendly and relaxed, and enjoys a magnificent view of the fjord and mountains. The rocky shore is excellent for fishing and swimming.

The campsite is the perfect base for hiking in the Seven Sisters mountain range and for enjoying other adventures on the scenic Helgeland coast. Most cabins have kitchen and bathroom, and several bedrooms. Simpler cabins without shower or wc are also available. The campsite has sheltered spots for caravans, campers and tents, with power hook-ups and a panoramic view. Communal kitchen and sanitary facilities. Facility for emptying caravan septic tanks. Boat hire.


Lovund Hotel

Lovund is one of Norway's most vibrant island communities, beautifully located on the outskirts of the Helgeland coast. Take your time to experience one of Helgeland's best cuisine, hotel rooms and cabins with a great view sea ​​and sunset, varied scenery with many hiking options and a strong business community - all colored and developed by the people who live here.

Lovund Hotell is not quite like other hotels - here you have something for everyone.

SYN is our signal building and has good hotel rooms with the best view we can offer.
The "Rorburooms" are small hotel rooms in fishermen's cabins and are located by the seaside.
The cabins are also located on the seafront, and equipped with a small kitchen and living room.
Our cabins are adapted for 2 couples with children or families over 4 persons, sleeping up to 4 people and bed on the loft for up to 4 children. Breakfast, made beds and cleaning on departure are of course included in all options.

The restaurant is our little pride. When we think of Lovund's taste, we think of our raw ingredients harvested right from the sea outside Lovund.
We are thinking of local producers who work daily to maintain the Northern Norwegian food culture. Inspiration is taken from the Nordic kitchen, and the chef's expertise and commitment are reflected in our menu.
The result will be like Lovund - a menu based in local, northern Norwegian and traditional raw materials, colored and developed by the people who live here.

From Lovund Hotell you have a short way to nature. Trip trip to Lovundfjellet (3-5 hours) and evening trip to the Puffins are our most popular excursions.

8764 Lovund

Telefon: 75 09 20 30

Vega Havhotell

Vega Havhotell – something extraordinary!

The hotel’s hospitality, quality, personality, and food and drink, make for a very satisfying experience. Chef Jon Aga and his staff create dishes inspired by modern classic cuisine, yet anchored in Norwegian as well as continental culinary traditions. Many of the ingredients come from local suppliers in Vega and Helgeland. Dinners usually consist of four dishes, vary with the seasons, and are prepared with the best ingredients available. The mealtimes are fixed as follows: Breakfast 8–10am, Lunch 1–2:30pm, Dinner 7–9:30pm. The hotel has a well-stocked wine cellar and is fully licensed.

8980 VEGA

Telefon: 75 03 64 00

Brygga - Dønna

This wharf complex is situated in tranquil surroundings on Dønna’s northeastern shore, about 7 km from the Bjørn ferry quay. There are daily ferries to and from Sandnessjøen.

Brygga on Dønna is ideal for a Helgeland holiday, as a base for bicycling or other family and group adventures, or for a celebration or conference. Getting here is easy: a 25-minute ferry ride from Sandnessjøen, and then a 10-minute drive from Bjørn.
The complex consists of a main building with five apartments, each 50–60 m2. In addition, Naustet (the boathouse) has a 40-m2 apartment and two single rooms. The main building also has conference facilities for up to 50 people. Rorbua is a conference room with capacity for 20 people; this “fisherman’s cabin” has a charming ambience that is perfect for private parties. Outdoor facilities include a barbecue hut, outdoor fireplace, and a hot tub.
Brygga is situated in an area with a rich birdlife – sea eagles are spotted daily. The area has excellent fishing opportunities. You can catch fish right from the quay, but we recommend renting a boat to reach the best fishing spots on the fjord. We also have a room for cleaning your catch. In cooperation with a local catering company, we offer delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, by reservation.

8820 Dønna

From the Bjørn ferry quay, drive 4 km and turn right at Berfjord. Then follow the road for 2 km, turning right at the sign to Brygga.

Telefon: 99312784

Comfort Hotel Ole Tobias

Comfort Hotel Ole Tobias is ideally situated in the centre of Mo i Rana only a short walk from the main street.

The hotel is named after the founder of the Nordland railway line which reflects the interior of the hotel.

Breakfast is included.
Free Wi-Fi available for all guests.

The hotel is closed during christmas and easter.
Hotel Ole Tobias also offers apartments/ family rooms through Hotell Svartisen.

Thora Meyers gate 2
8622 Mo i Rana

Telefon: 75 12 05 00

Scandic Meyergården Hotel

Magnificent Scandic Meyergården Hotell - a good, soft bed and a tasty meal put together by the best kitchen staff.

This historic hotel offers a good location in the centre of the Arctic Circle town of Mo i Rana, set in the hotel's own private garden and within walking distance of many local sights. Facilities include restaurant serving local food.

Fr. Nansensgt 28
8622 Mo i Rana

Telefon: 75 13 40 00

Helgeland Museum Bindal

The museum at Bindal consists of an old croft, with buildings, furnishings and equipment still intact.

The old storehouse was moved here and rebuilt. During the summer, a variety of exhibitions are held at Bindal. Enjoy a cup of coffee and find gifts for family and friends in the little museum shop.

In June 2013, an exciting new museum opened at Terråk. The exhibitions focus on old wood-building techniques, boatbuilding and forestry traditions.

7980 Terråk

Telefon: 91519849

Helgeland Museum avd. Lurøy - Grønsvik Fort

Grønsvik Fort is a german coastal fortification from world War 2.

A new museum building opened in 2012 with new exhibitions, a museum shop and café. the exhibitions deal with war and human rights. Excellent area for hiking with panoramic views of the Helgeland coast.

Grønsvik Kystfort finner du like ved FV17, 2 km nord for trafikknutepunktet Stokkvågen i Lurøy kommune.

Telefon: 75 11 01 85

Steinmo Camper Van Site

Idyllic site for campers and caravans, with great view of the sea.

Steinmo offers reasonably-priced parking for travellers who are spending the night in their own camper or caravan. Although there are no sanitation facilities, guests do have access to refill their freshwater supply, and there are rubbish bins and facilities for emptying caravan septic tanks. The entire site is self-service.

8976 Vevelstad

Telefon: 41928780

Vennesund Camping

At the ferries of Vennesund, (trunk road connection, Holm-Vennesund, RV 17,) you will find Vennesund Brygge og Camping, (wharf and camping-area.)

The campsite offers cottages of different sizes and standard and is very well fitted for those interested in fishing.

If you arrive from the south, you have reached the beginning of Helgeland- you can see Torghatten towards the north. You have just crossed Bindalsfjorden, which has a depth of more than 700 meters. On the outside lies isles and rocks as a protection against the big ocean, and makes it possible to go fishing, even on days with less good weather. The area is known for its good possibilities for fishing in the sea. Vennesund is also known as an old trade centre. In a short walking distance from the camping area, you will find the spring "Olavskilden" and a heap of stones from the Bronze Age. Hai-ku-badekar, from the sculptured landscape Nordland, lies in the sea entrance to Vennesund. Mountain ground, all marked for excursions lies nearby. Vennesund Wharf and camping area is situated in a distance of 50 km south of Brønnøysund, and the nearest airport.

8920 Sømna

Telefon: 75 02 73 75

Røssvoll Senter

Convenient roadside cabins in Røssvoll, approximately 10km north of Mo i Rana, next to the E6.

All cabins have en-suite bathroom with shower and WC, TV and kitchenette with fridge, hob and microwave. Good location for visiting the Svartisen Glacier and nearby caves.
Røssvoll camping also has electicity for caravans, motor homes and tents.

Saltfjellveien 436
8615 Skonseng

Telefon: 45812112

Polar Tours

Small tour operator specialising in coach trips, both in Norway and abroad.

Local trips on Helgeland include destinations such as Sandnessjøen, Herøy, Vega, Dønna, Træna, Lovund, Sleneset, Husvika and Brønnøysund. For dates and a complete overview of trips please contact Polar Tours directly or visit their website –

8622 Mo i Rana

Telefon: 755 63 000.

Bolga brygge

Bolga brygge is located on the beautiful island Bolga. From Bolga brygge, one can see not only the beautiful ocean but also the mountain Bolgatinden.

Bolga brygge offers:
- Dockside houses with four sleeping rooms, two beds in each room. There is room for eight people. Bed linen and towel are included.
- Dockside apartments with two rooms, two beds in each room. There is room for four people.
- Fiskebrygga (Fishermen’s Wharf) with three rooms, two beds in each room. Bed linen, towel and end cleaning is included.

The area has different activities for everyone, some of them are summer conserts and workshop for boats. It is also possible to participate in a kayak course or just rent a kayak.

Bolga brygge has fishingboats that they rent out. Life jacket is included. They also rent out survival suits and fishing equitment.

8158 Bolga

Telefon: 91 38 98 28

Toft `Rorbu` Fisherman`s Cabin

An attractive, modern and well-equipped rorbu cabin situated right on the shore by Toftsundet.

Rorbu and wharf
Toft Rorbu is situated 7 km from the centre of Brønnøysund, and 4 km from the Brønnøysund Bridge. The Norwegian Aquaculture Centre, which documents the history of Norway’s fish-farming, is nearby. Only 10 km away is Torghatten, the famous mountain that has a hole all the way through.

Open living room and kitchen, TV, bathroom with shower and WC. Two bedrooms, both with double beds, sleep four. Large balcony facing the sea. Wheelchair ramp.

In addition, there is an annex with a family bunk (double bed below, single bed on top) that may be rented together with the main unit.


Telefon: 90735208/ 96971508

Helgeland Museum avd. Hemnes

Hemnes museum offers three museum experiences at three different locations.

Experience costal culture at Hemnesberget, life at a large farm at Bjerka open air museum or local food traditions including baking Kamkake in an historic bake house in Leirskardalen, which dates from 1620

Telefon: 75 19 70 62 / 414 71 503

Helgeland Museum avd. Rana

Rana Museum - Where culture meets nature

Rana Museum has cultural and natural history exhibits, an art gallery and a museum shop. We invite you to also visit Bredek mountain farm and Stenneset Museum.

Fritjof Nansensgt. 22
8624 Mo i Rana.

Telefon: 75 11 01 33


NOT BOOKABLE ONLINE! PLEASE CONTACT STOKKATUNET BY EMAIL FOR ACCOMODATION. Accommodation in a charming old house from the 18th century. It's nice location is at Stokka, about 10km south of Sandnessjøen and just north of the airport.

With a stunning location with an ocean view and the island in the west, this old house is recently refurbished but still maintains its old style. The house has electricity, water, a kitchen, washing mashine and a bathtub. There are WC's in both floors. Stokkatunet has Wi-Fi, but no TV. On the west-side of the house you can enjoy the evening- and the midnight sun.

8800 Sandnessjøen

10 km south og Sandnessjøen

Telefon: 971 01 676

Træna Rorbuferie

Excellent fishermans cabins with fantastic view on the island Træna. An island of great cultural treasures, fishing possibilities and hiking opportunities to for example Sanna and trænstaven.

4 cabins are 27 square meters with two appartements each. Each apartement has 1 bed room, bathroom, kitchen corner, living room and a hall. 5 cabins are 36 square meters with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room and a hall. They also have a 15 square meter terrace. In the service building you'll find two separate cafees, which makes it possible to arrange conferences, meetings and parties. Here you can also wash your clothes.

8770 Træna

Telefon: 75 09 53 80

Sykkelutleie Mosjøen

Bike rental in Mosjøen.

Sjøgata 2
8656 Mosjøen


The historic Guesthouses in Sjøgata, Mosjøen

Visitors are welcome to stay in one of the historic houses on Sjøgata street. The apartments offered are furnished in the old style but fully-equipped. Renting accommodation here will give you a good feel for a time that was less hurried – while enjoying all the comforts and amenities we have come to expect today.

As a guest in one of these old houses, you will find yourself immersed in the town’s historic setting. Take time to visit the wharf museum for insights into Mosjøen’s colourful history; step back into an age when these proud houses had just been built, gentlemen sported handlebar moustaches, and ladies wore long skirts.

These apartments are based on self-catering – you make your own beds and wash your own dishes. Every apartment has a bathroom with a shower, and with the exception of Gabrielsengården and Ola Oktober wharf they have WiFi and a TV. Laundry facilities are available in Stallen, Svenskloftet and Åbakken 2.

Regretfully, pets are not allowed in these historic guest houses.

N -8656 Mosjøen


Restaurant dining experience at Hildur’s Urterarium

Each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday anf Friday in the summer, Hildur’s Urterarium welcomes you and your group to come and enjoy an absolutely unique dining experience. Welcome to a special encounter with Helgeland’s history, food, nature and culture.

At the Sagastua restaurant just north of Brønnøysund, you are literally invited into the home of your hosts at Tilrem. Sagastua restaurant is one of Kystriksveien and Helgeland’s cosiest and distinctive restaurants.

Restaurant package: 3 or54 course meal (optional wine package may be ordered).
Includes a visit in our herbal garden.
Opening hours: Dinner service starts at 7:00 pm
Reservations: Table reservations must be made no later than 12:00 pm one day prior to visit. Feel free to also call us for a same-day visit, and we’ll do our best to assist you!
Tel: +47 75025212

OTHER DAYS/TIMES: Sagastua restaurant is open for dining in its evening restaurant all year round based on advanced reservations. Feel free to contact us at Tel: +47 75025212.

Hildur’s is located just 7 km north of Brønnøysund city centre.
Bus departure at 6:20 pm from city centre. Taxi for return trip.
Taxi approx. NOK 50 - 100 per person depending on number of passengers, day and time.

8900 Brønnøysund


Lurøy Farm - Renaissance gardens near the Arctic Circle

The Renaissance-style gardens on Lurøy are probably the northernmost in the world. They were established around 1740 in a sheltered location at the foot of Lurøyfjellet (689 m). Lurøygården, situated near the seashore with excellent beaches and kayaking opportunities nearby, is still farmed.

Guided tours are offered, and dining for groups of up to 30 people is available in the old house, a venue that is also well-suited to private parties and other events. Our chef will gladly tailor a lunch menu or a three-course dinner to your preferences. Dishes are based on local ingredients, including beef and dairy products from Lurøy Farm itself.

In addition, the farm café features homemade cakes, lefse and gomme (a traditional sweet cheese), and simple lunch dishes. The café is open during the summer, and occasionally during other seasons.

Accommodation is available: nine beds on the two upper floors of the old house. The rooms share two bathrooms. A hearty homemade breakfast is included.

Lurøygårdsveien 7
8766 Lurøy

Tel. +47 990 22 490

Lurøygårdsveien 7
8766 Lurøy

Telefon: 990 22 490

Boattrips to Emårsøy / Vega

Trips to Emårsøy. In the summertime you may join in on a boat trip to the beatiful island Emårsøy. Travel back in time and experience how it was to live on a small farm on an remote island.

The boat leaves from Nes at the island Vega.

8980 Vega

Telefon: 75035388

Helgeland Museum avd. Rana - Bredek open air museum

Bredek mountain farm is an open air museum situated by the foot of Saltfjellet/Svartisen national park, about one hour's walk from E6 at Bjøllånes.

Open farm at Bredek is usually held in August - a good opportunity to take the trip up the mountain!

Cirka en times gange fra E6 ved Bjøllånes, 40 km nord for Mo i Rana.

Telefon: 75 11 01 33

Experience Mo i Rana from a kayak

2,5 hour kayak tours in steady sea kayaks. See the famous sculpture "the Merman”, paddle right outside the old town and watch this industrial pearl by the Arctic Circle from the seaside. Half way through our trip we’ll stop for a snack at a sandy beach. Remember to bring towel if you want to combine kayaking and swimming.

Meeting point: Moholmen Marina, Mo i Rana. Map
Duration: Approximately 2,5 hours including beach stop.
Time: Tuesdays at 18.00 from June 12th to August 21st. Group trips (min. 4 pax) can be booked outside ordinary tour times.

All tours must be booked before Sundays at 20.00 two days ahead of the trip. Trips will go as planned with minimum two bookings. In case of cancellation from our side, participants will be contacted Monday one day ahead of the booked tour.
All bookings are binding. Make sure your travel insurance covers cancellations.

Level: Easy. 7 km paddle in steady single or double kayaks. No previous experience required.

What to bring: Outdoor clothing and a water bottle. Bring necessary snacks + a towel/bathing suit if you want to og for a swim during or beach stop. We provide all necessary kayak equipment.

Price: Adults 1100 NOK / Children (under 15) 900 NOK

Vega Opplevelsesferie – An adventure within the exotic Vega islands

The Vegas archipelago is a kayaking paradise. Here are sheltered waters between thousands of islands, islets and skerries, with narrow sounds and coves, and beaches that are perfect for a rest stop. Vega Opplevelsesferie rents out single and double sea-kayaks, with life vests, dry-suits and laminated maps included. We offer three-hour introductory courses, a 16-hour basic course, sightseeing by boat and deep-sea fishing trips – along with great stories and tall fishermen’s tales, of course.

In a modern wharf building on Husøya, an island in the northern part of Vega

The wharf has two well-appointed holiday apartments. The largest has a living room/lounge and all amenities, a bathroom and shower, three bedrooms and an open loft, eight beds total. The second apartment has a slightly larger living room/lounge, all amenities, bathroom and shower, and two bedrooms, five beds total. The area outside the wharf, which is right on quay, is quite attractive and includes a hot tub. Vega Opplevelsesferie offers rental of boats with outboard motors, fishing smacks, kayaks, canoes and bicycles.

8980 Vega

Telefon: 41 56 98 59/97 75 13 08

Helgeland Museum avd. Rana - Stenneset Open Air museum

Open air museum in Mo I Rana

Walk among over 25 different historical buildings from the entire
municipality Rana.

Located approx. 8 km from Mo I Rana.

Ved FV12, ca åtte km fra sentrum av Mo i Rana. Skiltet avkjøring.

Telefon: 75 11 01 33


The DNT cabin Rabothytta is dramatically situated at 1200 metres altitude, on the very edge of the Okstindbreen glacier. The cabin enjoys a stunning view of the glacier, as well as the Okstindan mountain range and its ruling summit Oksskolten, the highest mountain in Northern Norway.

A mountain trail network

Rabothytta draws visitors for its architecture as well as the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. For hikers, it fills a “gap” between the older cabins Kjendsvasshytta and Gråfjellhytta.

Rabothytta was completed in mid-August 2014, and the Hemnes chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association can now offer more extensive accommodation along with a great trail network to hikers yearning to explore Nordland’s majestic Okstindan range. The cabin is self-service (unstaffed) and accommodates 30 overnight guests.

Perfectly situated

Rabothytta is perfectly situated for winter as well as summer visitors. From the closest road it can be reached in about 1.5 hours in the summer, passing through beautiful mountain terrain. In the winter, cross-country skiers should allow about three hours for the trip up to the cabin.

Honouring Charles Rabot

The cabin is named in honour of Charles Rabot, a French glaciologist, ethnographer and explorer who was passionate about the Arctic landscape and its peoples. Rabot was particularly fond of Helgeland, and especially the Okstindan mountains. Rabothytta cabin has a striking design, robust and simple, by architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs. Their plans for the cabin are currently honoured by a display in La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris.

Punctual sea bird: 14 April is Lundkommardagen – "Puffin Arrival Day"

In the seas west of Lovund, puffins are gathering to flirt with each other after a hard autumn and winter. Will they arrive at Lovund on the right day?

About Lundkommardagen

For as long as they can remember, the people of Lovund have been saying "here come the puffins" on 14 April. They say the same thing on the Faroe Islands – and on the coast of Finnmark. That day is also considered to be the first day of summer – and the day the bears leave their dens in the wilds of northern Sweden.

The Lovund puffins

Puffins leave the island of Lovund when the breeding season finishes towards the end of August. Then they head out into their true element – the North Sea and the waters around Norway. Out there, they live without setting foot on solid ground through a hard autumn and winter, constantly searching for food. The puffins, which have gathered in large colonies during the breeding season, now disperse across the vast ocean, and are extremely difficult to observe. They lose their beautiful coloured plumage – and while they are moulting, they are barely able to fly.

Making families

When the light returns in January/February, this reminds the birds that they must do their duty – make a family. The birds, which are now resplendent in their new colours and have grown back the distinctive horny plates on their bills, start returning to their breeding grounds. At the end of February, the fishermen off the islands of Træna are able to report the first puffin sightings, and gradually the birds get closer and closer to their destination: Lovund. From the beginning of April, you can often see them gathering in the areas close to the Lovund colony – the mouths of the fjords and the seas off the Helgeland coast.


In the seas west of Lovund, the puffins gather. The first birds tend to arrive in the early afternoon and gradually more and more puffins appear. We can only guess at what flirtation is going on in the flock, when the birds are gathered in large "floes", drifting about on the sea. Every now and then the birds will take off and fly in their characteristic figure of eight formations above the surface of the sea, before settling down again. Slowly, the flocks get nearer and nearer, and eventually we can just see them over the horizon.


And now the excitement starts to rise – will they get to Lundeura? More often than not though, the birds are more preoccupied with showing off to each other than finding their little island, and the displays of these flocks are a fantastic natural phenomenon. Then all of a sudden, they decide that they can't wait any longer. In their hundreds, then in their thousands, the flocks approach, gather together, make their inspections, fly in and out, and finally the first birds show the others the way home. "Here come the puffins"!

Norsk Havbrukssenter AS - come and experience farmed fish close up!

– A deep insight into “The Norwegian Salmon-Farming Adventure” Did you know that when you are visiting the handsome town of Brønnøysund, you are in the heartland of one of Norway’s most exciting industries?

A visit to the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre is a unique opportunity to learn more about Norway’s largest and most important growth industry: aquaculture. Here you will gain many insights about salmon, what it eats and how it lives. Through underwater cameras, the centre gives you a novel view. You can watch the feeding of the salmon, and you can have a firsthand look as a knowledgeable guide gives you a tour of the fish-farming facility.
Our new indoor exhibition indoors has both freshwater and saltwater aquariums which recreate fascinating natural environments. If you are under 12 years of age, you can follow Salmo Salar on a tour that is especially designed to teach children about salmon and their life in the sea.

Guiding (summer 25.06.-19.08.18)
Book online at For assistance with booking or other questions, please contact us at or tel. +47 750 18000.

8909 Brønnøysund

The Norwegian Aquaculture Centre is situated at Toft, 7 km from Brønnøysund town centre.

Telefon: 75 57 75 00

Helgeland Kajakk

Based on the beautiful island of Tomma, Helgeland Kajakk offers kayaking courses, certification from NPF (Norwegian Kayaking and Canoeing Association), and sea kayak rentals, as well as guided trips of varying length around Tomma and near the town of Mo i Rana. Join us for an enriching adventure - kayaking in scenic Helgeland!

For further information, please visit

8723 Tomma

Tel. +47 951 73 987

8723 Tomma

Telefon: 951 73 987

Marmorslottet – a geological fairy-tale

Just north of Mo i Rana you will discover Marmorslottet (The Marble Castle), a castle that has been naturally formed over a period of thousands of years.

Rock masses such as limestone have been eroded by the glacial river leaving a fairy-tale landscape. The water has formed several caves, giant’s kettles and other rock formations – and is constantly changing. If you are really adventurous you can sit on a “stone horse”, which juts out over the river. The marble castle is a 25-minute walk from the car park and good footwear is recommended.

Dønnes gård

Dønnes Gård offers accommodation in 6 romantic double rooms and one apartment for families. Dønnes Gård is awarded the Norwegian Heritage hallmark, "Olavsrosa". This Quality Mark points out especially distinguished places preserving the Norwegian Heritage. Here you also get breakfast and dinner.

Dønnes Gård offers accommodation in 6 double rooms and one apartment for families – with self catering. Dønnes Gård is awarded the Norwegian Heritage hallmark, "Olavsrosa". Dønnes Gård is a special accommodation in historic surroundings.

Breakfast is included in the roomprices, but not when staying in our family apartment. We serve dinner for our overnight guests at request. Please tell us when you book accommodation. All rooms have access to a spacious bathroom on another floor with a toilet and shower.

The farm is beautifully situated in an environment that's well suited for outdoor activities. There are hiking tracks in the area, and a trip to the mountain lodge at Dønnafjellet is highly recommended.

We take you to Dønnes church, a medieval church that was built in the 12th century and lies within 100 m of the house.

8820 Dønna

Telefon: 75 05 56 15

Bike hire Nesna

In cooperation with Helgeland Reiseliv, Havblikk Camping now offers bike rental in Nesna. Helmets, pumps, puncture repair kits and locks are all provided with the bikes.

Sjøvegen 34
8700 Nesna


Helgeland Havhus

Helgeland Havhus gives you a wonderful opportunity to rent a ocean house on the beautiful island Tomma!

In the stunning skerries in the Nesna district, you will find the most specacular option of accommodation along the Helgeland coast. On a 90 square metre floating raft on the water, is a modern small house with panorama windows in the front.

When renting the ocean house, you are free to use a boat with fishing equipment. It is furthermore possible to rent a jacuzzi, which also is placed on the floating raft with the house!

Imagine a summer evening in the sunset, where you are sitting in the jacuzzi in the middle of the water, with a good beverage while you are enjoying the view. Magical.
If you long for more activity and excitement, it is possible to rent two personal watercrafts. These are easy to control and is so fun to use! If you want to explore the island, they also rent out bicycles. Go on a bicycle ride and explore the beautiful island Tomma.

Telefon: 95828606

Træna Overnatting

Træna's most recent sleeping accommodation, placed central on Træna with a stunning view over the island!

Træna Overnatting offers different rooms. Doubleroom with private bathroom, larger familyrooms/aparments and also smaller rooms with shared bathroom.

There is also a large commonroom with a beautiful view over the island. Here you can eat breakfast, or have conference or meetings.

Description of the double rooms:
Double rooms on the second floor, with private bathroom. There is a writing desk in every room. The windows are either in the direction north or south.

Double rooms on the first floor with shared bathroom. Four rooms is sharing two bathrooms. There is a writing desk in every room. The windows are in the direction south.

Description of the apartments:
The large aparment on the second floor has two double rooms, kitchen, bathroom and also living room. The large living room has a sofa bed, something that is great if you are many.

The apartment on the first floor has one double room, kitchen, bathroom and also a living room. The living room has also a sofa bed.

Kubbhågen 13
8770 Træna

Telefon: 91812679

Accommodation Til Elise fra Marius

Til Elise offers accommodation in idyllic surroundings.

They have six double rooms and one family room. The rooms are located in the second floor, with a view to the beautiful surrounding nature, and all the rooms contain private restrooms and entrances. One of the rooms is however situated in the first floor, and is thus handicap friendly. All the rooms have recently been renovated and redecorated and have high standards.

A delicious breakfast is included in the price.

A stay here is perfect for groups as Til Elise offers 14 beds to sleep in (16-18 beds if the family room is included) in total. It is also possible to bring your four legged friend to this place.

Nesnaveien 1083
8725 Utskarpen

By foot A bit long to walk to, unless you live in Utskarpen village. By bike They wish to welcome all cyclists and have bicycle racks and equipment for light repairs available. By car From the coastal route (Nesna): take FV17/FV 12 towards Mo i Rana. From the coastal route (Tonnes): take a left in the intersection FV17/Fv12 towards Mo i Rana. From Mo i Rana: Take Fv12 towards Nesna/Tonnes. From Bodø by train: approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes. From Mosjøen by train; Mosjøen-Mo i Rana: approx. 1 hour From Mo i Rana 35 minutes by car. From Oslo Take a flight to Røssvoll airport Flight company: Widerøe. Direct flight Oslo-Mo i Rana: 1 hour and 42 minutes . Car rentals Hertz, Avis, Sixt or Rent a wreck. Taxi Mo taxisentral Are you arriving as a group? We can help organizing your trip here - the transportation. Please contact Til Elise for more information.

Telefon: 958 95 308

Halibutskole Vandve

Vandveveien 23
8830 Vandve

Telefon: 75053710 / 93825332


Velfjord offers a multitude of possibilities for outdoor activities and nature experiences. The varied scenery will tempt you with many types of excursions and adventures, in winter as well as summer.

Velfjordferie is beautifully situated by the fjord, with great fishing spots and hiking trails nearby! The resort offers 12 holiday apartments, a total of 46 single beds with 2 persons per room.
With water on two sides, the complex has been continually improved since it was restored and given its current form in 1993.
Velfjordferie is situated just south of the Arctic Circle. This means daylight virtually round-the-clock, from mid-May to the end of July. Fishing is especially popular at “night”, when the wind dies down and the sea often is calm as a mirror.
Velfjord’s great hiking terrain is just as ideal for families as for hikers looking for a serious challenge. Lomsdal-Visten National Park is just one of many options. For hikers, we especially recommend a visit in September–October, to enjoy the fiery autumn colours and crystal-clear air.

More about what is offered
Four of the holiday apartments are located in the main building, while the annex contains another eight. The units accommodate between two and nine persons. The comfortable single beds have frame mattresses that are at least 90 cm wide. Each guest has a personal closet. Every apartment has a large, well-equipped kitchen and a spacious bathroom, satellite TV and WiFi. Nine boats with 25-horsepower outboard engines are available, plus another eleven boats with 40-hp engines and steering consoles. All are docked in our private marina.


Telefon: 41 61 38 00

Sømna Kro & Guesthouse

Sømna Kro & Gjestegård is situated on the Helgeland coast, and has 53 beds in 38 rooms. All rooms are adapted for wheelchairs and suitable for the allergic. The rooms also have bathrooms with showers and TV's

We also possess very good conference facilities, among others: Conference room for up to 40 people, Cinema/conference room with or without an amfi for up to 100 people, 4 breakout rooms. AV-equipment includes an overhead projector, flip over, TV, video, video projector and more. In our cosy tavern, you may enjoy a tasty a la carte menu with Norwegian and Spanish courses. The pub also has a fully licenced bar.

Nb: For booking the same day as your arrival, contact Helgeland Reiseliv: +47 75 01 80 00 for booking

8920 SØMNA

Telefon: 75029460

Plahtes Eiendommer

Welcome to fishing and hunting and wilderness adventures on one of the largest privately-held properties in Norway.

Plahtes Eiendommer, covering 650 km2, is one of the largest private estates in Norway. Its properties are situated in southern Helgeland, an hour’s drive from the nearest airport. The estate offers fishing, hunting and adventures in a magnificent wilderness, far removed from the beaten path. Most of its estate cabins are located miles away from the nearest neighbour – and yet they are convenient to reach. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our representatives. More than 70 percent of our guests are satisfied “regulars”. Plahtes takes great pride in the environmentally conscious management of its wilderness, as well as the cabins, boats and other facilities that ensure our guests a truly memorable wilderness adventure.

7980 Bindal

Telefon: 75034028

Lovund Skyss

The company provides boat transport and offers seaborne adventures all along the Helgeland coast, as well as in more distant coastal waters. Lovundskyss also offers charter tours and shuttle services.

Lovund Skyss offers boat transport of passengers. Together with our experienced partners, we can also offer accommodation, land-based transport, and a variety of adventures on sea and land. Our vessels range from small 12-person shuttle boats up to MS Lovund Express, a catamaran that takes 97 passengers. The company also operates other vessels, including cargo ships.

Postboks 1014
8805 Sandnessjøen


Tosbotn Camping

Tosbotn Camping offers accommodation in comfortable cabins with one, two or three bedrooms. In addition, seats for motorhomes / caravans and tents. Wireless network available for camping guests.

Tosbotn is a great starting point for trips in Lomsdal/Visten national park. We recommend mountain fishing for mountain trout.

Deep sea fishing: There is a good fishing in Tosenfjord. Like cod, sei, oats, catfish and halibut. We rent 6 boats, and have our own locker house at your disposal.

8960 Velfjord

Telefon: 993 88 330

Mo i Rana Train Station

For information and train tickets see 

Bjerka Train Station

For information and train tickets, see

Mosjøen Via Ferrata

Welcome to Mosjøen, a town situated in the heart of Helgeland with incredibly varied scenery. Mosjøen lies by the Vefsna river at the foot of Øyfjellet mountain and you are invited to try the Via Ferrata.

An exciting climbing adventure awaits you at Øyfjellet Mountain just outside Mosjøen center. Hook yourself onto a thick wire that is securely attached to the mountainside, and ascend safely using natural holds and steps in the mountain (via ferrata means “iron path”).

This mountain-climbing adventure doesn`t require any specialized knowledge or prior experience.

Time: About 5 hours.

Price: NOK 850 pr person.


Prepare also for a unique and adrenaline filled activity in Mosjøen Zipline. The zipline is 700 meters long, and offers spectacular views of the historic Sjøgata Street and the village of Mosjøen. Price: NOK 790.

Special offer

Both via ferrata and zipline at the same guided trip:

Time: About 6 hours.

Price: NOK 1190.

Information and booking at

Rafting in Auster-Vefsna in Trofors

The Austervefsna is THE perfect river for rafting. The rapids are big and forgiving, and are sure to put a smile on your face! It runs through a pristine river canyon flanked by large trees, immersing us in unspoilt nature and tranquility. 

Our normal Classic Rafting allows time for playing around in the river, surfing and enjoying the scenery as we go downstream. This is a trip suitable for beginners and advanced alike. If there are more than six people on the trip photos are included in the price. 

If you want to experience the essence of the river then you book onto our Classic Rafting Korttur - which is a compressed trip that takes less time, but still allow you to experience the rapids. These trips run monday-thursday at 17.00, and photos are not included in the price. 

Our goal is simply to give you an unforgettable day on the river!

 Difficulty & Safety

You will get a safety briefing and a paddle technique briefing before starting the trip. Your guides are absolute professionals with adequate river experience, and very high safety standards. The river is considered medium difficult (class III-IV).

Other information

You will get a wetsuit, neoprene shoes, a life jacket, helmet and a paddle for the trip. NOTE: If you have exeptionally large feet please bring your own running shoes that can get wet.

Group discount if you are 8 or more booking and paying together.

 You have to bring:

- Bikini/bathing apparel

- Thermal underlayers if cold

- Towel for changing - note that there are no showers available at the base.

 - Let the staff know as soon as possible if you have health problems such as, but not limited to, heart conditions, diabetes, back injuries or shoulder injuries.

 Participation is at ones own risk, and you have to sign a liability form before the trip starts.


NOK 950 / person

NOK 800 / person (korttur)

  • If you are more than 4 people you can book via our bookingsystem. Click on "book now"
  • If your group is less than 4 people get in touch to find a suitable time for you
  • Each trip takes 3-3.5 hrs

N-8680 Trofors, Norway.

Telefon: 466 22 098

Galleri Stokland

Galleri Stokland is located in a charming old wooden house at the heart of Sjøgata, the street that is Mosjøen’s historic centre. Exhibited are visual art, textile and leatherwork, knitwear, silver jewellery, ceramics and hand-blown glass.

The proprietor, Kirsti Stokland, is a photographer and works with mixed media. Her motifs – some tranquil others energetic – are available on canvas, glass and aluminium. Also available is a large selection of original postcards.

The coat of arms of Vefsn Municipality shows an assertive rooster against a dark background. Galleri Stokland offers knitwear with this handsome rooster on caps, headbands, sweaters, dresses, shawls and socks. Also for sale are tablecloths, purses and bags, belts, hand-blown glass vases, ceramic angels and other decorative items, and coffee and tea mugs.

Welcome to Galleri Stokland!

Sjøgata 25
8656 Mosjøen

Telefon: 97 11 55 88

Amtmannstua Holiday Home

Amtmannstua is an authentic timber house from the year 1800. The house is situated 1,2 kilometers from FV17, Kystriksveien, in Sømna. Upon booking, the house will be booked as one unit (1 room), minimum 3 days, maximum 12 people. Living in an old house like Amtmannsstua is an experience in itself, but there are also many other possibilities for activities and experiences. Bicycles are included in the rent.

In the area of Amtmannsstua, you will have many opportunities for enjoyment. Some of these can be to fish in the sea and lake, bird watching, beaver safari, hiking, bike rides, visit nice beaches, etc. A great place for both children and adults to get close to nature and wildlife.

The house has two floors with one bedroom and one bathroom on the 1st floor. On the second floor, there are 7 bedrooms.

1st floor: Entrance hall with hallway, bathroom/toilet, and a bedroom «The Office», located in the 1950s extension. In this "new part" there are no doorsteps. There are transitions made at the doorstep with regard to accessibility for disabled people in the rest of the 1st floor (the oldest part).
The bathroom has a heated floor, shower, toilet, washbasin and washing machine with integrated dryer.

The office: This bedroom is especially adapted for disabled / wheelchair users. The office also has direct access to the bathroom with a toilet. The bed is 200x130cm. Simple decor. 5.6 m2. This room used to be a pantry and a small office. It could also work as a double room if one accepts that bed is somewhat narrow.

The kitchen: Equipped with a folding table that seats 8 to 10 people. This room also has a large old wood stove for heating and optional cooking (electric heaters are also available), electric stove, steel bench/sink, coffee machine, and a repaired and locally-produced kitchen counter (from the 1950s). Cooking equipment and service for 10-12 people. Fridge with small freezer in the hallway.

Living Room: Table with seating for 10 people. The seating here, including two carved wedding chairs, were made by the very last resident of the house, Per. The stove can be filled with wood and provides good heat quickly.
Kårkitchen: This room previously operated as a small kitchen, with a small wood-burning stove and a small home-crafted bench from the 19th century. There are also a couple of chairs and bookshelves with some literature, information and reference books from Sømna, Helgeland, Nordland and Northern Norway.

Kårstua: This used to be Kår people's living room. Today, this living room is probably the best living room in the house with seating for about 10 people. It has a rocking chair, a stately stylistic mirror and portraits of ancestors/mothers are contributing to the mood of the room. Woodburning stove for heating.

On the 2nd floor there are 7 bedrooms. In the part 1950s there are 2 bedrooms (Nyloftet and Hagen). The other rooms are located in the original house. "Nyloftet" faces the garden. Here are 2 beds (both L200x75), bedside tables and bureaus from the 50's. 9 m2. Double room.

"Hagen" is located in the south-east corner of the house and has a good view of the garden. Some memories of childhood in the 50's decorate the room. This room has an older bed (L183x75). 5.9 m2. Single room.

"Kjøkkenloftet" is as large as the kitchen underneath, 17 m2. It has a window with a view of the garden and yard. There is quite a good space here, and an extra bed can be placed. Here are 2 beds, one older bed (L195x 95) and an old folding bed (L186x120). Double/triple room

The green room ("Berner's green room") Has a window to the garden. Equipped with a wash basin and an old bed (L176 x95). 6.3 m2. Single room.

The Blue Room ("Berner's Blue Room") This room also has a window to the garden. Equipped with a wash basin and an older bed (L198 x 90). 6.3 m2. Single room.

Ovidia's Room: This room has a window to the garden. Some of Ovidia's possessions adorns the room. Here is a washstand and an old folding bed (L178 / 182 x 120). 7.5 m2. Double room.

The Amtman's Room: This room is under repair and construction. Expected to be completed in June 2018. This room is 17 m2 and is the only room to the west. The room has 3 windows 2 to 4 people may sleep here.

There is only one bathroom with shower and WC in the house. The rooms furthest from the bathroom: The Green Room, the Blåommet, the Ovidia Room and the Amtmannen's room have old-fashioned laundry facilities (sinks and basins).

Kjørsvikveien 17
8920 Sømna


Meløy Adventure

Meløy Adventure creates an wonderful and fun experience in beautiful nature that will give you and your group a magnificent memory of Helgelandskysten.

Contact Meløy Adventure to recieve information on what experiences and activities that could be suitable for the chosen visiting season of the year.

Some of the experiences and activities that Meløy Adventure offer is:
RIB - boat ride, hiking on the mountain, cycling and also glacier walks.

Meløy Adventure offers custom-made experiences for their guests.
For those who drive Tesla, Meløy Adventure has destination charger.


Øvregate 2
8160 Glomfjord

Telefon: 91540866

Nikolaisenbrygga in stunning Helgeland

The newly restored Nikolaisenbrygga is situated in stunning surroundings in Bardal in Leirfjord, with possibilities for fishing from the balcony and well marked hikingtrails nearby.

Nikolaisenbrygga is situated by the rivermouth where you can fish both salmon and throut.
Nikolaisenbrygga offers a high standard of accommodation, with a two-bedroom apartment (5 beds), as well as three double rooms with bath. There is of course satellite TV, WiFi and final cleaning included. Nearby we have well marked hikingareas, a farm-café and a minimuseum.

Description of rooms:
Two-bedroom apartment for 5 people (booked as "1 room"). Price: 2 200,- NOK
3 double room with bath. Price: 1 000,- NOK

Innergårdsveien 6
8897 Bardal

Telefon: 99235630


Ståltun offers accommodation and facilities for conferences, celebrations and private parties in scenic surroundings, for up to 30 people. Close to the village of Melfjordbotn, and attractions such as Svartisen glacier, Mount Rausandaksla, and the Grønligrotta and Setergrotta caves. A great area for summit trips also in the winter, with reliable snow conditions.

From Mo i Rana, head north on highway E6. Turn left towards Røssvoll and then follow the signs towards Svartisen glacier, taking the second turnoff towards Svartisen. Follow the road towards Langvassgrenda, which is 30 km away from Mo i Rana town centre.

Tel. +47 916 29 972


Bjørnådalen From Mo i Rana, head north on highway E6. Turn left towards Røssvoll and then follow the signs towards Svartisen glacier, taking the second turnoff towards Svartisen. Follow the road towards Langvassgrenda, which is 30 km away from Mo i Rana town centre.

Telefon: 91629972

Augustbryggo Restaurant

Augstbryggo is a cosy and intimate quayside restaurant where the features seafood. Austbryggo, an old wharf to which fishermen once brought their catch, has been beautifully restored.

The menu varies according to the fresh catch available from our local supplier, Seløy Fisk. Also on the menu are meat and other dishes, as well as homemade cakes. In addition to great food and ambience, Augustbryggo Restaurant offers a magnificent view. There is also a playroom for the youngest guests. The venue may be booked for weddings, celebrations and private parties. Augustbryggo will gladly cater a buffet, cakes, or food for your trip. Conference facilities are available – equipped with presentation equipment and broadband. Augustbryggo is fully licensed.

Flatøyveien 38
8850 Herøy

Telefon: 47621805

Mosjøen Zipline - 700 meters long

Prepare for a unique and adrenaline filled activity in the zipline which crosses the Vefsna River.

Mosjøen zipline offers spectacular views of the historic Sjøgata Street and Mosjøen town.

The zipline will take you from the lower parts of the Mountain Storefjell (about 70 meters above sea level) and across the river, landing by the hotel garden at Fru Haugans Hotel.

You will be strapped with a body harness and safely attached to the wire. The zipline has an automatic breaking system, so all you need to focus on is enjoying the view. Age limit: 10 years. Minimum weight: 30 kg and maximum weight: 110 kg.

Telefon: 98901249

Torghatten - en trolsk vandring

Nordland Teater (Theater)

Regional theatre based in the centre Mo i Rana. During the course of the year the theater produces several productions in-house as well as welcoming other touring productions.

The highlight of the year is the annual winter festival every February – a fun filled festival with something for everyone. The festival stretches over seven days and is a popular event in the dark winter months.

The theatre opened its doors in 2005 and is well worth a visit.

Rådhusgata 1
8602 Mo i Rana

Telefon: 75 13 48 48
Nettside: http://

Isfiske i Velfjord, Brønnøy

Postboks 3
7980 Terråk

Telefon: 75034028

Havblikk Camping in Nesna (copy)

This large year-round camping site offers cabins, holiday apartments and rooms of a high and simpler standard. The family-friendly facilities include a water park with Northern Norway's largest water slide, playground equipment and mini-golf. Havblikk also has WiFi.

There is bicycle rental as well as boat and kayak hire. Havblikk is the perfect base for "island-hopping" and exploring the nearby archipelago and surrounding waters.

Restaurant Aurora
In the newly opened restaurant, Aurora, the relaxed atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome. The menu is based on local ingredients of the highest quality, and of course features fresh fish and other seafood. The restaurant aims to offer some of the best cuisine in Helgeland.

Conference facilities
Havblikk's conference facilities offer flexible solutions and good working conditions, far away from the city's hustle and bustle. We would be happy to compose a programme tailored to your needs, including valuable team-building and memorable group adventures.

Sjåberget 3
8700 Nesna

Tel. +47 75 05 65 40

Sjåberget 3
8700 Nesna

Telefon: 75 05 65 40

Mosjøen Train Station

For information and train tickets, see 

Sandnessjøen Airport

Sandnessjøen Airport,  approximately 10 km from the town. 

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Brønnøysund Airport

Located 2km south of Brønnøysund. 

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Mo i Rana Airport

Mo i Rana Airport is located at Røssvoll, about 9km north of the city.

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Drevvatn Train Station

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Mosjøen Airport

Mosjøen Airport is located at Kjærstad, about 7km south of Mosjøen

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Vefsna Lodge

8680 Trofors

Telefon: 996 90 036.

Havkanten på Husvær

Welcome to the Havkanten in Husvær, a place for adventures on the Helgeland coast. The holiday facilities offer accommodation, with a total of nine bedrooms. Havkanten is the perfect place for the adventurous who love the sea, mountains and magnificent nature.

Kjørarveien 75, Husvær
8843 Brasøy

Telefon: 90514692

Majavatn Train Station

Majavatn Trainstation is the closest trainstation to the southern boarder of Helgeland. 5 km north of "the gate to Northern Norway"

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Trofors Train Station

Trofors train station is located west of the town. 
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Restaurant Til Elise fra Marius

Til Elise fra Marius "From pasture to the table" a food destination located in Helgeland! This great restaurant offers inspirational courses that are primarily made out of local quality ingredients. The restaurant is run by two very competent and passionate chefs which have years of experience from Norway as well as other countries. Both chefs have in addition been part of the Norwegian culinary team.

Til Elise offers food from "Storstua", which is perfect for groups and social gatherings, as well as from "Matbaren" (the food bar), where different smaller courses are served. The courses and menus, which are changed on a weekly basis, are tailor-made in a creative manner, and are inspired by the season's ingredients. It is furthermore possible to have a course catered for your needs.

You can get your party specially made in "Storstua", either if you are planning a business dinner, a wedding, or a birthday celebration. Tables in "Storstua" must be booked in advance.

"Storstua" has the capacity to host 40 people, but it can easily be booked together with "Matbaren" to even larger groups. It is furthermore possible to combine different activities together with a meal in "Storstua", for instance cookery courses, wine tasting, quizes and various team building activities. The opportunities are endless!

Nesnaveien 1083
8725 Utskarpen

By foot:A bit long to walk to, unless you live in Utskarpen village. By bike: They wish to welcome all cyclists and have bicycle racks and equipment for light repairs available. By car: From the coastal route (Nesna): take FV17/FV 12 towards Mo i Rana. From the coastal route (Tonnes): take a left in the intersection FV17/Fv12 towards Mo i Rana. From Mo i Rana: Take Fv12 towards Nesna/Tonnes. From Bodø by train: approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes. From Mosjøen by train; Mosjøen-Mo i Rana: approx. 1 hour From Mo i Rana 35 minutes by car. From Oslo Take a flight to Røssvoll airport Flight company: Widerøe. Direct flight Oslo-Mo i Rana: 1 hour and 42 minutes . Car rentals Hertz, Avis, Sixt or Rent a wreck. Taxi Mo taxisentral Are you arriving as a group? We can help organizing your trip here - the transportation. Please contact Til Elise for more information.

Telefon: 958 95 308